Elithion: four years and counting

Four years ago today we chose the name “Elithion” (meaning “Electronics for Lithium ion”); we immediately grabbed the “Elithion.com” domain, and Elithion was born. The formation of an LLC was completed 9 days later.

Today, Elithion is a small but thriving corporation, with:

  • A complete product line of battery management systems (BMSs)
  • About 1000 systems installed, protecting an estimated 80,000 cells
  • Production of custom traction battery packs
  • A line of battery modules for stationary applications
  • Good name recognition and reputation
  • Six employees, a network of consultants, and a board of advisers formed by industry leaders
  • Product manufactured locally by 3 assembly houses, plus in-house final assembly and QA
  • Ability to ship product usually within 14 hours, and at most in 1 week

When we started four years ago, the only other providers of off-the-shelf BMSs were REAP and Lithium Balance. Today, there are some 40 companies offering (or claiming to offer) off-the-shelf BMSs. Of those, in our opinion, only 8 of them offer a quality BMS, and actually produce it: Clayton, Elektromotus, Elithion, Ewert, Ligoo, Lithium Balance, Tritium and Reap. Despite the competition, Elithion stands out with a strong name recognition¬† and reputation, in part thanks to the book “Battery Management Systems for Large Lithium-Ion Battery Packs “, which today is the authoritative book on the subject.

Elithion is self funded, and growing organically. With its small team it has developed products which larger companies develop using 1 million dollars, 2 years, and a team of 15 engineers.

We’re done well for ourselves.

Here is to more years of organic growth!

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