Too small to fail

Over the years, various times companies designing a product asked us whether we would be able to ramp up production of our BMS to meet their production plan. We assured them we could, yet we did not get many orders on the grounds that we were too small a company.

Yet, today, we’re still around and thriving, while many of those very same companies are gone.

  • Better Place (May ’13, $ 800 M, EV infrastructure) – gone
  • Envia Auto (EV infrastructure) – gone
  • Evida (Dec ’12, $ 10 M, EV batteries) – gone
  • SAAB (Jan ’12, Auto manufacturer) – bankrupt
  • Coda Automotive (May ’13, $ 100 M, Auto manufacturer) – gone
  • Bright Automotive (vehicles) – gone
  • Azure Dynamics (motor drivers) – gone
  • Imara (cells manufacturer) – gone
  • A123 (Oct ’12, $ 500 M, cell manufacturer) – bankrupt
  • Zenn (vehicle manufacturer) – no longer able to make cars
  • EVX (vehicle manufacturer, X-prize contender) – offered to buy Elithion – gone
  • Arelec (Swiss, energy) – gone
  • Junco (battery packs) – gone
  • The Street Group (Motorcycles) – gone
  • Hi Tech Developments (battery packs) – gone
  • Ecos Motors (EV conversions) – gone
  • Energy Generation Technologies (battery packs) – gone
  • Red Cloud EV (vehicles) – gone
  • Jungle Motors (PHEV conversions) – gone
  • EV Performance Warehouse (wheeler and dealer) – mercifully gone
  • US United Energy Systems (wheeler and dealer) – mercifully gone
  • Ally Automotive (EV conversions) – good riddance!

My favorite story is about Technics (a vehicle manufacturer from Taiwan) . “CG” got very incensed with us: “I want to buy battery packs and in considerable amounts starting now, not follow links to some website, I simply don’t have the time nor the desire. It’s you’re product and I leave it up to you to specify and if you can’t, don’t.”. Well, Technics is gone, and “CG” if probably off to licking his huge, bruised ego.

We’re here to stay, and we’ll serve you, now with your prototype needs, and later (in our sincere hope that you are still around) with your production needs.


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