Remembering Coda Automotive

It is always a pleasure to talk to people who contact Elithion with inquiries; with one noticeable exception: Coda Automotive.

Two years ago, we got a call from the Senior VP of Engineering at Coda Automotive. If memory serves, the gist of the call was this:

  1. Elithion owed Coda a free BMS because Coda was such a great company and Elithion was a peon of a company
  2. Coda was not going to wire the Elithion BMS as required, because Coda engineers were world experts in this field and Elithion didn’t know what the heck it was doing
  3. Coda planned to use battery modules that the car owner could hot swap  (!)

(Today, we are grateful to that same man, because, as president of EEtrex, he is shedding EEtrex’ best talent, and Elithion is busily hiring them.)

I have just reread my email correspondence with the Coda engineer at the time, and they confirm my recollections.

When the Coda engineers came to terms with the fact that they weren’t going to get a free BMS from Elithion, and that the Elithion BMS was Coda’s first choice, they finally relented and placed an order for one ($ 2911).

In the process of due diligence, I tried to asses whether the BMS would be used properly; but they very honestly told me, that, no, they would not let the BMS protect their battery.

So I wrote them: “Thank you for taking the time for researching those questions and providing me with the answers, which indicate very clearly that, unfortunately, our products are not compatible with yours. “;¬† “Please use our BMS selector to select a BMS that will work in your application: “; and “Even though Elithion was not able to provide you with a solution, I hope that I was able to help you in your assessment of your technical needs. I would like to wish you the best in your project. ”

To its credit, Coda did put out 100 cars. But, presumably, they did so without a fully functioning BMS.

Therefore, it is with poorly hidden schadenfreude that today I read about the bankruptcy of Coda Automotive.

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