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The people who bring you this site

This site is offered as a free service to the Li-ion industry: manufacturers, designers, end users.

It is presented by Davide Andrea, author of the book "Battery Management Systems for Large Lithium-Ion Battery Packs

While Davide is closely associated with Elithion, this site is independent of Elithion. The views expressed in this site are Davide's, and in no way represent the views of Elithion. This site's only tie to Elithion is the banner advertizement at the top of each page.

The information in this site is intended to be impartial and has been verified with each manufacturer, except in cases where the manufacturer is not responsive to our requests for verification.

Manufacturers of Li-ion related equipment continually express appreciation for the services provided by this site, and have never questioned its impartiality.

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