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Programming and using the FlexiPanel HexWax and Teaclipper

Don't waste time with the FlexiPanel / HexWax pages: you'll have to register your email address with a *different* website (!), it will take you 1/2 hour to install, and another hour to troubleshoot. Quite frustrating.

Instead, do this.

  • Download the documentation
  • Install the drivers
    • Windows XP:
      • Download the XP driver (right-click, save as)
      • Plug in the TeaClipper USB adapter, WITHOUT A TEACLIPPER, in a USB port (that's the port you'll have to use from now on)
      • A dialog will appear: "Found new hardware"
      • A "Found New Hardware Wizard" will open
      • Select: "No, not this time", "Next",
      • Select: "Install from a list or a specific location", "Next"
      • Select: "Don't search, I will choose the driver to install", "Next"
      • Click: "Have Disk"
      • Click: "Browse"
      • Navigate to where you downloaded the driver (such as the Desktop), select it, click "OK"
      • Click "OK"
      • Select "TeaClipperUSB" in the list, "Next"
      • Wait for the installation.
      • Click "Finish"
      • A dialog will appear: "New hardware is ready to be used" "line-31">
    • Windows Vista:
      • Download the Vista driver (right-click, save as)
      • Download the usbser.sys file
      • Place the usbser.sys file file in your C:\Windows\System32\Drivers folder
      • Plug in the TeaClipper USB adapter, WITHOUT A TEACLIPPER, in a USB port (that's the port you'll have to use from now on)
      • The dialog will say "Installing device hardware"
      • A dialog will ask you to locate install the disk that came with the software
      • Click "don't have a disk"
      • Navigate to the place where you downloaded the driver and click OK
      • The dialog will say "Device hardware installed succesfully"
  • Install the HexWax application
    • Download the hexwax explorer installation application
    • Optionally, block the HexWax Explorer form talking back to the site, if you are concerned about your code or other info being sent to their site without your knowledge:
      • Go to this folder C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etc
      • Open the "host" file with a text editor
      • Add this line to it: * =
    • Install the HexWax Explorer (Warning: this is really Internet Explorer, with all its security risks)
      • Open the hexwax_explorer.exe file you downloaded
      • An installer will open
      • Go through the installer's screens
  • Load the firmware into the HexWax Explorer
    • Open the HexWax Explorer application
    • A Internet Explorer browser window will open, showing ads(!) (Shrink the window to hide the ads.)
    • Open the port with the TeaClipper
      • Either hunt for it manually:
        • In the USB box (middle of left panel), "COM port" field, type '1', click "Connect"
        • If that says "Couldn't open Port 1:", repeat entering '2', then '3', etc, until it says: "TeaClipper USB v...."
      • Or, look it up:
        • Open the Device Manager (in Vista, click the Start icon at the bottom left corner of the screen, type "Device Manager" in the "Start Search" field), open the Ports (COM & LPT) item, look for the "TEAclipper USB (COMx)" item, where 'x' is the number of the com port
        • In the USB box (middle of left panel), "COM port" field, type the number of the com port, click "Connect"
    • Click "Add" (top of left panel)
  • Load the firmware into the TeaClipper
    • Insert a TeaClipper in the USB adapter (the black connector strips on both devices are on the same side)
    • If nothing happens, you have to restart from scratch. Eventually, it should work
    • The LEDs on the TeaClipper should start blinking
    • In the "TeaClipper" box, this should appear: "TeaClipper/PIC..."
    • In the "Payload" box, click "Charge Now"\
    • If a dialog asks to upgrade the TeaClipper software, click "Yes"
    • Afterwards, the com port may crash (!). Unplug the TeaClipper, the USB adapter, and start again :(
    • Click Charge Now. A new dialog will open
    • Select the PIC model
    • Optionally, change any other setting, as described in the instructions pdf
    • Click OK
    • The window will be all messed up as the firmware is loaded onto the TeaClipper. Look at the bottom left for a message showing the progress
    • Remove the TeaClipper

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