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A comparison of commercially available Integrated Circuits (ICs) for BMSs for large Li-Ion battery packs

This table compares BMS ICs available on the market today for large Li-Ion battery packs.
Available as a XLS spreadsheet and as an HTML page.

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Devices compared are:
Brand Models More
AMS AS8506
Analog Devices AD7280
Cellwise CW1165
Elithion EL01 / EL02 Info
Freescale MC33771
Imagis Apollo
Intersil SL9208; ISL9216/17; ISL94200/201
Linear Technology LTC6801, LTC6802, LTC6803, LTC6804 Info
Maxim DS2726; MAX1894 / MAX1924; MAX11068; MAX11080, MAX17823, MAX17830
O2Micro OZ890
Renesas R2A20027, R2A20028, R2A270100HFP
Texas Instruments bq series BQ77PL900; bq76PL536; bq76PL537; bq29330 / bq20z90; bq78PL114 / bq76PL102; bq76PL455A
Toshiba TB9141FG

Please see the Li-Ion BMS book for an in-depth analysis and application of many of these ICs.

This information does not constitute an endorsement of any of these companies and products.
While the information presented here is believed to be accurate, Elithion takes no responsibility for any errors.

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