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Formula Hybrid

Elithion's presence at this yearly contest of student built HEV race cars

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The 2010 event included 3 cars with a Lithiumate:

  • The overall winner, Politecnico di Torino car; Elithion will confer an additional prize of $ 1000 to the team
  • The University of Vermont's AERO car, which scored 10th out of 19 full entrants
  • The Manitoba car, whose BMS (from one of Elithion's competitors) had failed, which we replaced on the spot with Lithiumate components donated by an Elithion client in Boston and a controller loaned by the Aero team

Elithion's Davide was tapped as one of design judges.

After seeing the disparity in understanding of Li-Ion BMS issues among the teams, Davide organized an improptu seminar on Li-Ion cells and BMSs, which was well attended, especially given the short notice and how busy the team members were at that time.

Politecnico Di Torino race car Elithion staff (left) and Polito team, at the New Hampshire race track
Battery with Kokam pouch cells and Lithiumate cell boards
Elithion decal on car

Politecnico di Torino HEV race car. Click an image to enlarge
AERO race car AERO team
A123 with Lithiumate small cylindrical cell boards
Elithion's Ann Colcord by nose of car, with Elithion decal

University of Vermont's AERO HEV race car. Click an image to enlarge
Manitoba race car Manitoba team
Manitoba battery using 10 Gaia LiCo large cylindrical cells
Elithion logo on Manitoba race car

University of Manitoba HEV race car. Click an image to enlarge
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The 2010 Formula Hybrid Race is a yearly competition for student-built HEV race cars.

The 2009 event included the University of Vermont's AERO car, using Elithion's Lithiumate BMS.

Short video showing the assembly of the AERO pack.

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